Launch your career in software and finance

Third Eye Solutions is always looking for energetic and tech savvy people. As a member of the Third Eye team, you’ll contribute to delivering IT solutions and services in niche and regulated verticals of the finance industry. We are constantly growing and broadening our field of expertise. We are constantly seeking professionals to grow our team.

Millennial Perspectives on Third Eye Solutions

Throughout my time at Third Eye Solutions, I had many opportunities to mature professionally and personally. When I started here, I had very little knowledge about Premium Financing and who uses it. During my term, I have learned a considerable amount about Premium Financing Platforms, including the complexity and detailed work involved in managing the premiums. Many of the clients using this software are based in the United States, and with each US state requiring different rules and regulations, the difficulties increase. However, I saw how the software is able to transform this complicated process into one that is streamlined and easier to use.” – Karel Casier: University of Waterloo Co-op Intern

Third Eye Solutions provided me with a task-oriented way of learning. Through offering me the opportunity to attend different interviews / talks about the industry, my time at Third Eye broadened my understanding of the company’s role in the insurance industry, and solidified key business concepts I learned in university. The experience has definitely prepared me for upcoming professional endeavors. I look forward to seeing where I can apply the knowledge I learned at Third Eye Solutions next.” – Neyha Vashist: Summer Student

Life at Third Eye Solutions

  • Opportunity to demonstrate initiative and creativity
  • Exposure to the complete development life cycle
  • Constant learning, both in technology and industry knowledge
  • Opportunity to play with current and new technologies
  • A friendly and team oriented work environment

Technologies we favor include:

  • Java / J2EE
  • Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL
  • Jasper Reports, FOP
  • XML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Maven, Ant
  • Unix / Linux