“IPC has used the Third Eye software for 3 years.  Working with Third Eye from the beginning has been such a positive experience.  They thoroughly understand the premium finance business and the needs we have as a  finance company owned by a general agent.  Their willingness to make custom changes in a timely fashion and to answer any questions that we have is exceptional.  We pride ourselves on offering customer service to our customers and Third Eye makes it possible to do just that.”

Robin Smith, VP/General Manager, Insurance Payment Company, Inc.

“Third Eye Solutions has been a valuable partner to our firm for over 10 years.  Their quick response support, system flexibility and leadership’s commitment to getting it right simply put them at the top of the list in my book.  I would recommend Third Eye and their products with the utmost confidence.”

– Jay Pursell, President, COST Financial Group, Inc.

“We were looking for a software solution to add the unique facets of premium financing to our suite of commercial lending products…particularly the need to provide a flexible, user-friendly experience to the agent in the field and the insured.  The team at Third Eye delivered in every respect, particularly with the need to have our own documents delivered to the agent and to the insured.  TE said they could do it…..and they did!”

– Todd Marye, VP Loan Systems & Service Manager, Red River Bank

“The software is very user-friendly and guiding through the software is very simplified. The abilities that the software has, from accounting to record-keeping (follow-ups) are very convenient. In terms of technical service, the team at Third Eye is very prompt and helpful in terms of responding to any issues which may arise.”

– Patty Prashad, President, SEM Premium Finance

“We have had an outstanding experience working with Third Eye Solutions, and have relied on them for over a decade.  Their combination of technical and industry expertise has enabled them to develop a software platform that fits our specific needs, instead of trying to make a “one size fits all” system work.  Their ability to translate our needs into a custom solution has enhanced our business practices in countless ways.”

– Chris Gebhardt, Chief Technology Officer, Cost Financial Group.

“Third Eye was instrumental in helping me reach my goals and was always available to respond to any questions I had right away.”

– Giovanna Rud, President, LatinGlobal Services