Case Study
Huestis Insurance Group


The Client:
Presently operating 40 offices across the East coast of Canada, Huestis Insurance Group has been one of the foremost insurance agencies in Canada since its inception in 1924. With access to an extensive range of products offered by many major property and casualty insurance companies, Huestis’ insurance brokers can respond to customers’ needs and act solely on their behalf, independent of the interests of insurance companies. Huestis Insurance Group is a people-based organization dedicated to servicing the needs of its clients and providing them with quality protection at a competitive price.

The Scope:
Although Huestis Insurance Group had some capacity to offer financing plans to its clients internally, the growth of its financing subsidiary, Browns Flat Premium Finance, was severely hindered by the rigidity of the ‘home-grown’ system they used to manage it. Unable to compete with third party financing companies that were able to offer more flexible terms and make changes to financing terms when necessary, Huestis was forced to redirect many of its clients elsewhere. Frustrated that they were exporting market share and realizing that their current system had not kept up with the growth of the firm or technological developments, Huestis selected Third Eye Solutions to help design a dynamic solution to satisfy its business needs.

The Solution:
Third Eye Solutions worked with Huestis Insurance Group to help setup its software solution. As part of this process, Third Eye offered security and support, but also guidance through the features and functions to facilitate a smooth transition from the old, rigid system to Third Eye’s newer, more flexible approach. With Third Eye’s software in place, Huestis was able to address the glaring deficiencies of the old system thathad previously rendered the company uncompetitive.With Third Eye’s tech-savvy approach, Huestis Brokers were able to provide financing options tailored to their clients’ needs.
According to Susan Hogan, the head of the financing program at Huestis, Third Eye’s solution allowed Huestis the ability to“create special arrangements for Brokers,” and the option to access a much wider range of insurance policies than their previous system would have allowed.

The Result
As a result of Third Eye’s services, Huestis Insurance Group now has an advantage over premium financing companies with which they were previously unable to compete. In addition to the flexibility afforded by Third Eye’s system (and the fact that they no longer need to direct clients elsewhere), Third Eye’s custom designed automated renewal processallows Huestis to retain clients year after year and simply build on this market share. Moreover, Huestis can now conduct its financing subsidiary worry-free, knowing that even if the person who designed their old system were to leave the company, their business could continue unaffected. According to Susan, “We are now able to provide more flexible plans and be more competitive with other finance companies. We went from dinosaur years to light years.” With Third Eye’s software in place, Huestis has been able to become more dynamic in response to the needs of the market, the needs of their Agents, and the needs of their insureds.